Glossary of terms

Here’s a guide to assist you in understanding the meaning of the terminology used by CBHS Corporate Health.

  • Transport

    Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory
    Hospital Covers pay the cost of emergency ambulance services when transported directly to hospital or treated at the scene due to a medical emergency. Transport must be provided by ambulance services recognised by CBHS Corporate Health.

    Ambulance benefits are not payable for transportation to hospital for the routine management of an ongoing medical condition or transportation between hospitals.

    New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
    Part of your hospital contribution is a levy charged by your State or Territory government. This entitles you to full ambulance cover within your State and emergency ambulance cover in all other States or Territories. If you receive a bill for ambulance services please forward it to CBHS Corporate Health for payment.

    Queensland and Tasmania
    Most ambulance services received within your state are provided by your State government and you should not receive a bill for these services. If you receive ambulance services outside your State, the same conditions apply as for Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory.


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