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PHI Reforms 2019

The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, announced a series of reforms on 13 October 2017 to make private health insurance simpler and more affordable for Australians. At CBHS Corporate Health, we fully support the objectives of the reforms and we are here to help you understand what these reforms mean for you and your health cover.

Age-Based Discounts

Private health insurance reforms now permit health funds to offer discounts to younger members. To encourage young eligible Australians to join CBHS and to maintain the long-term sustainability of the fund, we will be offering discounts on Hospital policies where the main member or their partner are aged 18 – 29. For existing members, if this applies to you the relevant discount will automatically be applied from 1 April 2019.

Government Rebates

The Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance (Rebate) is effectively the amount that the Government contributes each year to your private health insurance premiums.

Private Health Legislation

The Australian insurance industry is regulated by various laws and regulations. Find out more about how the industry is regulated.

Lifetime Health Cover

Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) was introduced by the Australian Government in July 2000. It is designed to encourage people to take out and maintain health insurance earlier in life.

Medicare Levy Surcharge

The Medicare Levy Surcharge was introduced to encourage Australians in the higher income brackets who are eligible for Medicare, but do not have an appropriate level of private hospital cover to get private hospital insurance, reducing the demand on the public hospital system.

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