About private health insurance

What it is, and why you need it

What is private health insurance?

Just like comprehensive car insurance, private health insurance covers you for the unexpected. Unlike car insurance, there are dozens of day-to-day health treatments you can claim back. It’s not all about the big stuff: what about gym membership, or a massage? 

Private health insurance is a great way to cover the costs of the treatments to improve your health and wellbeing.

What about Medicare?

Medicare is the public healthcare system, funded by a levy. Australian citizens - and most permanent residents - are eligible for Medicare.  

Whilst Medicare will pay towards many things - such as a visit to the doctor, an eye test, or being a public patient in a public hospital - there are many things it won’t cover.

These include the cost of an ambulance, glasses and contact lenses, most dental treatments, physiotherapy, non-PBS prescriptions, and other day-to-day health services. It can also leave you with a gap - the difference between the cost of a doctor’s appointment, for example, and what the doctor actually charges.

Private health insurance gives you the freedom to choose the treatment you want, when and where you want it - and have much, if not all, of the costs covered.

Private health insurance comes in three types of cover: Hospital, Extras and Ambulance

There are three types of cover:



Hospital Cover

With Hospital cover, you can choose the hospital and the doctor you want. You also get to choose when you want to be admitted (subject to availability).

Hospital cover includes benefits for things like accommodation, theatre and labour ward fees, doctor/surgeon fees, emergency ambulance transport - and more.

Check out our Hospital cover page for more details. 




This is cover for those looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing. It includes services such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, dietitian, chiropractic, massage therapy and more.

There are limits for what will be paid under your cover, so check out our Extras cover page for more information. 





Depending on which state you live in, this covers you for emergency ambulance transport - which can be costly, and not covered by Medicare.

To find out more, visit our Ambulance cover page

The costs of not having private health insurance

A trip to hospital can cost thousands of dollars.

A trip in an ambulance - even in an emergency - can be very expensive. Call-out fees alone are hundreds of dollars. 

By taking out hospital cover, you could also save money by avoiding the Medicare Surcharge Levy, and Lifetime Health Cover Loading (if these apply to you).

Yet, for a few dollars a day, you can reduce your potential for unexpected expenses, and enjoy peace of mind. If something happens, you’re covered. 

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