Glossary of terms

Here’s a guide to assist you in understanding the meaning of the terminology used by CBHS Corporate Health.

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  • Restricted Benefits

    Members can elect to pay a lower contribution for their private health insurance cover in return for agreeing to be covered for lesser benefits. 

    They can pay a lower contribution and take out a hospital cover that only pays a minimum level of benefits for certain conditions, i.e. that has limited benefits.

    If a member selects a hospital cover with limited benefits for certain services and they choose to go into a private hospital to receive any of these services, they will be faced with significant out-of-pocket expenses. CBHS Corporate Health will pay up to the Minimum Default Rate for the accommodation, however the member will be liable to pay the full cost of theatre or labour ward fees, intensive care units and coronary care units.

    Hospital benefits however are payable for services that attract Restricted Benefits when performed in a Public Hospital with the doctor of your choice.


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