Glossary of terms

Here’s a guide to assist you in understanding the meaning of the terminology used by CBHS Corporate Health.

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  • Cooling off period

    CBHS Corporate Health will allow any member who has not yet made a claim, to cancel their membership and receive a full refund of any contributions paid within a period of 60 days from the commencement date of their policy.

    The following conditions apply to the 60-day Cooling-off Period:

    Members must ask for cancellation under the 60-day Cooling-off Period by telephone, letter, fax or email

    The 60-day Cooling-off Period applies when a new member begins membership or when an existing member varies their level of cover

    The 60-day Cooling-off Period begins the day the member receives their CBHS Corporate Health policy documentation

    If for any reason the member receives no policy documentation, the 60-day Cooling-off Period begins 7 days after the membership commencement or variation date

    CBHS Corporate Health will not refund paid contributions if claims have been or will be lodged for services received during the 60-day Cooling-off Period.

    CBHS Corporate Health ensures that all detailed CBHS Corporate Health policy documentation explains the 60-day Cooling-off Period.

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