Glossary of terms

Here’s a guide to assist you in understanding the meaning of the terminology used by CBHS Corporate Health.

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  • Code of Conduct

    The Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct is a self-regulatory code to promote informed relationships between private health insurers and consumers. As a signatory to the Code of Conduct, CBHS Corporate Health has made a commitment to:

    • Work towards improving the standards of practice and service in the private health insurance industry.
    • Provide information to members in plain language.
    • Promote better informed decisions about private health insurance products and services by:
    • Ensuring that policy documentation is full and complete.
    • Providing clear explanations on the contents of the policy documentation upon request.
    • Ensuring that staff providing information on health insurance are appropriately trained.
    • Ensure that information exchanged between CBHS Corporate Health and its members is protected in accordance with privacy principles.
    • Provide information to members on their rights and obligations under their policy with CBHS Corporate Health, including information on the code of conduct.
    • Ensure all members are aware of the internal and external dispute resolution process.


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