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  • Mental Exercises

    Government Mental Health Reforms

    In October 2017 the Australian Government announced it would introduce changes to make it easier for insured people to access higher benefits for psychiatric care. These changes commence on 1 April 2018.
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  • Student Dependant

    Student Dependant - Frequently asked questions

    Renew the status of your Student Dependant by 1st March 2019 to ensure they don't lose their health coverage.
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  • Workplace stress

    Overcoming workplace stress

    Work stress comes in many different forms and we all react differently. Some of us are lucky to work in an environment where we thrive and get a buzz every morning at the thought of another great day ahead.
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  • Coffee isn't the only liquid booster

    Are you drinking too much coffee?

    Discover how much caffeine is safe to consume and find caffeine-free ways to maintain your energy levels.
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  • Walking for a cure for cancer

    Be part of a movement helping 134,000 people a year

    CBHS Corporate Health is proud to be helping its parent fund in its partnership with Commonwealth Bank to support Can4Cancer for a second year, continuing the fight to find a cure.
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  • Girl drinking water

    Sports drinks vs water - what's better?

    The sports drinks vs water debate has been going on for years, with many arguments for both sides. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what to drink when exercising, the most important thing being your hydration level. The human body loses water through sweat when exercising and this water must be replaced to maintain your body’s health.
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