The card remains the property of CBHS Corporate Health and has been issued for use with electronic claim processing systems such as HICAPS or CSC. Electronic claiming allows members to make claims at the time they receive a treatment for extras services such as physiotherapy, dental, optical and chiropractic.

Card use when claiming through a participating provider

  • The card must be presented to the provider at the time of service
  • After consultation, the provider will swipe the CBHS Corporate Health membership card through the terminal
  • The provider will key in details of the services received and the cost
  • A benefit statement will be printed itemising details of the services received. It will show the benefit CBHS Corporate Health will pay towards the services and any additional amount owing
  • The member must check the details and then sign the benefit statement. By signing the statement, the member agrees to assign their CBHS Corporate Health benefit over to the provider. The member’s signature also verifies that the member covered under the policy has received the service(s) shown
  • The member should keep the top copy of their receipt
  • Once the claim is authorised, the member pays any additional amount owing according to the provider’s payment terms

Members understand that the electronic claims processed are not automatically accepted and are subject to member's eligibility to benefits within the policy. The verification of the claim details and authorisation of the transaction are the sole responsibility of CBHS Corporate Health. Members should contact CBHS Corporate Health Member Centre on 1300 586 462 or help@cbhscorp.com.au if a claim is declined.

Fees and charges
CBHS Corporate Health members will not be charged any fees or charges for making electronic claims except for member's own bank charges where applicable. Any extra amount owing to the provider for the services provided is the responsibility of the member.

Changes to your CBHS Corporate Health membership
The main member must notify CBHS Corporate Health of any changes of status of student dependant, addition of members covered under the policy or change of address.

Privacy and security
CBHS Corporate Health will collect, use and disclose information within the benefit statement in accordance with the CBHS Corporate Health Privacy Policy.

Liability for unauthorised use or access
CBHS Corporate Health will not be liable for any unauthorised use or access as a result of loss or misuse of the membership card.

Lost, stolen or damaged card
Please notify CBHS Corporate Health on 1300 586 462 as soon as possible if a card is lost, stolen or damaged. A replacement card will be issued within 14 days of the request.

 You can also manage replacement cards in the Member Centre cbhscorporatehealth.com.au/log-in.

Further information
For all enquiries, contact Member Care on 1300 586 462 or email help@cbhscorp.com.au.