Brochures and guides

These brochures and guides are designed to assist members with understanding CBHS Corporate Health's values and products.

CBHS Corporate Health recognises the importance of transparency and information for members so that every member can make the most of their membership. These brochures and guides are designed to assist members with understanding CBHS Corporate Health’s values and products, CBHS Corporate Health’s special schemes such as the Access Gap Cover program and the operating rules of the Fund.

Product Information Brochure

This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of CBHS Corporate Health's exceptional member care services and products, including a comparison of our different cover options.  

Written in plain and clear language, the brochure contains valuable information on CBHS Corporate Health's Choice Network. You can also find out more about the benefits of joining CBHS Corporate Health, as well as general information on private health insurance and related government initiatives.

Access Gap Flyer

CBHS Corporate Health’s Access Gap Cover scheme is one of the many ways CBHS Corporate Health is delivering outstanding value to our members. CBHS Corporate Health’s Access Gap Cover scheme was set up to minimise or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for members when accessing medical treatment or products.

This flyer outlines how our Access Gap Cover scheme works and how members can speak to their doctors about participating in our Access Gap Cover scheme. For your convenience, we’ve designed a special tear-off section for your doctor. This section explains the benefits of participation in the scheme to your doctor. 

Health Benefit Fund Rules

You can find out more about CBHS Corporate Health’s Health Benefit Fund Rules by downloading this document. Our Rules cover our governing principles, the use of funds, membership, contributions, benefits, hospital treatment, and other aspects of our services. There are also detailed tables outlining contribution rates.

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman Service (PHIO)

Those brochures provide information on the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman service and consumer information about changing health funds, doctors' bills, waiting periods, tips and other guides for consumers.

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