Going to hospital

CBHS Corporate Health is here to support you and your family with exceptional member care if you need to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

Going to hospital

We know a hospital stay can be stressful, or even overwhelming. CBHS Corporate Health is here to support you and your family with exceptional member care if you need to be admitted to hospital for treatment. Our commitment to outstanding value for members means you will have access to support before, during and after your hospital stay. This guide outlines all you need to know for planning a stress-free hospital stay and an effective recovery.

Remember you can contact us directly with any queries or questions you would like to be clarified before, during or after your hospital admission.

1. Before your hospital stay

This checklist is designed to assist you with planning your hospital stay.

i. Understand your cover

ii. Contact your GP and find the right specialist

iii. Check if the hospital has a contract with CBHS Corporate Health and discuss alternatives

iv. Define hospital stay and treatment

v. Obtain quote or informed financial consent

vi. Know the claiming process

2. During your hospital stay

This brief checklist is a useful reminder of what to take to hospital and what to expect when you arrive in hospital and during your stay.

  • Packing – You should pack essential items such as your CBHS Corporate Health membership card, Medicare card, any medications you’re taking, medical reports or scans and images, referral letters, pre-admissions pack if you have one, and other clothing and toiletries for a comfortable stay.
  • What to expect – If you received a pre-admissions pack from your chosen hospital, it will contain useful information about the admissions process, visitors and visiting hours, meals and amenities such as TV and phones. Your hospital may charge you for extra items such as Internet access, pay TV, non-emergency transportation that you request and other items. Contact your hospital directly if you would like more information on these matters.

3. After your hospital stay

CBHS Corporate Health is here to support you by answering your queries and processing your claims after your hospital stay, giving you a smooth recovery period. We offer exceptional member care support and fast and simple claiming processes. These are the major issues to keep in mind for your discharge and for the post-hospital period.

  1. Pay out-of-pocket expenses – You will need to pay your excess directly to the hospital along with any other out-of-pocket expenses.
  2. Hospital substitute treatment – In some cases, if your doctor approves, you might be able to receive some treatment at home so that you can recover in the privacy of your own residence. CBHS Corporate Health will cover you for this treatment if you have hospital cover and you would normally be covered for this treatment if you were to receive the treatment in hospital. To find out more, please review the information contained on this page.
  3. Claiming benefits – Doctors who participate in the Access Gap Cover scheme will usually bill CBHS Corporate Health directly. If you receive the bill by mistake, please forward it to us for processing and we will forward it to Medicare for you. If your doctor did not participate in the Access Gap Cover scheme, please take the form to Medicare and submit it with a Medicare two-way form. We will pay benefits once Medicare processes the claim.

After being discharged from hospital, you might be facing some rehabilitation and rest time at home. You may need temporary or ongoing rehabilitation support or treatment, whether it is at home or at a facility. CBHS Corporate Health is here to support you with exceptional member care service before, during and after the discharge and rehabilitation stage. Along with our generous benefits, which reflect our promise to provide outstanding value to our members, we offer a range of supporting products and services that can assist with a more comfortable and successful rehabilitation.


i. Consult your specialist

ii. Rehabilitation program

iii. At home care

iv. Hospital substitute treatment

v. Claiming

Contact us

You can discuss the possibility of receiving a hospital substitute treatment with your doctors. CBHS Corporate Health will contact you directly if you are a suitable candidate for a hospital substitute treatment program. We welcome you to contact us by calling the Health & Wellness Team on 1300 586 462 or emailing us at wellness@cbhscorp.com.au for more information about participating in a hospital substitute treatment program.