What is spousal authority?

This is the authority provided by the main member to grant their spouse/de-facto authority to act on the membership they exist on.

Authority can be received verbally or in writing. If the person getting authority IS NOT on the membership, CBHS Corporate Health is still able to give them authority if requested by the main member.

If I give my partner authority, what does this allow them to do on my membership?

With spousal authority granted, the spouse/de-facto can act on this membership in almost every way the main member can including:

Having said this, only the main member may cancel and suspend  the membership or remove children from the membership. 

Have you given your partner authority?

Without authority access to the membership is very limited. The de-facto/spouse member may make enquiries on their claims and limits. They cannot make any changes to the membership (except for  removing themselves off the policy).