Bronze Hospital

Suitable for the young and healthy who wants private hospital cover for few selected services while happy to go public for things like pregnancy or joint replacements

  • Suitable for the young and healthy who wants peace of mind with private hospital cover for most common procedures
  • Provides private hospital coverage for services such as; Accidents, Removal of wisdom teeth/appendix, Repair of knees/hips/shoulders, etc.
  • Cover for cancer related treatment
  • Emergency ambulance transport
  • $250 or $500 excess options which helps keep premiums down.

Bronze hospital will cover you for:

  • Private or Public Hospital accommodation & services includes overnight, same day, intensive care* and theatre fees. Cover is provided for a private or shared room in a private or public hospital for the following services:
    1. accident related treatment and medical emergencies after joining
    2. investigation, repair or reconstruction of bones and tissues of a knee, hip or shoulder that have been damaged as a result of physical trauma;
    3. dental services, removal of tonsils, adenoids, appendix
    4. grommets in ears;
    5. colonoscopies, gastroscopies;
    6. cancer related services; and
    7. treatment related to kidney (renal tract) stones & gall stones
  • Restricted: All other services in any hospital are eligible for restricted benefits. Restricted benefits are payable only at the minimum rate specified by law and may only provide a benefit similar to a public hospital shared room rate. Restricted benefits may not be sufficient to cover admissions in a private hospital. Restricted services are covered for a shared room in a public hospital.

    *Theatre and Labour ward fees are not charged in a public hospital.

  1. Medical expenses related to providers for services while admitted in hospital e.g. fees from doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, pathology, imaging etc. Covered for all services eligible for benefits from Medicare up to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Fee. Members have their choice of doctor/surgeon in a public and private hospital. CBHS Corporate Health will cover the difference between the Medicare benefit and the MBS fee for services provided as an admitted patient to a hospital.
  2. Access Gap Cover is where a provider chooses to participate under an arrangement with the fund. CBHS Corporate Health covers up to 100% of an agreed amount in excess of the MBS fee which reduces or eliminates your out-of-pocket medical expenses (i.e. surgeons, anaesthetists, pathology, imaging fees etc).
  3. Surgically implanted prostheses to at least the minimum benefit specified in the prosthesis list issued under Private Health Insurance legislation.
  4. Pharmacy covers most drugs related to the reason for your admission in agreement with private hospitals.
  5. Emergency ambulance transport for an accident or medical emergency by approved ambulance providers.
  6. Hospital Substitute Treatment means the possibility of receiving rehabilitation treatment or the care of a registered nurse at home.

Download Bronze Hospital Product Sheet

 When deciding if this product is right for you, please refer to the CBHS Corporate Health Health Benefit Fund Rules. This information should be read carefully and retained.